Monday, January 28, 2019


Hawaii Wedding Chapel features OAHU BRIDE Reimi at Plumeria Chapel in Honolulu.

Bridal Photography by Robert Hamilton.

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Oahu Bride

Wedding Dress

Monday, January 14, 2019

Wedding Portraits

Bridal Gown
Be sure to include individual wedding portraits of the Bride and Groom in your photography package. With Photographer Robert they are always included.


Wedding Photo

Tsutomu & Mio at Plumeria Chapel

Beautiful wedding photos with Tsutomu and Mio at Plumeria Wedding Chapel in Honolulu.

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Oahu Chapels

Honolulu Hawaii

Robert Hamilton

Wedding Photos
Let Robert Hamilton shoot your wedding photos on the Island of Oahu. Photography at chapels, beaches, or other Hawaii wedding venues available at 808-772-1140.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hawaii Wedding Chapel: HIDEO & KANAE

Hideo & KanaeChristmas in Hawaii

Bridal Dream
 Very nice shot taken inside the Honolulu Church of God by Oahu Photographer Robert Hamilton. I like seeing a different perspective looking towards the back of the Church.
Church of God

Wedding Photographer

Photographer Robert
Beautiful blue sky sunny weather in Honolulu, Hawaii!

After this we head over to Ala Moana Beach for more photos in the sun.

Dream Bride Photography

Hawaii Wedding Chapel
Lovely Bride, pretty smile, and gorgeous wedding dress. Need we say more?

Bridal Dream Photography by Robert Hamilton. Photos taken at Honolulu Church of God.
Wedding Dress

Bridal Dream Hawaii
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Bridal Dream Weddings

Yellow Bouquet

Wedding Chapels