Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Katsunori and Atsuko Wedding

Honolulu Wedding Chapels
Most of our couples use the wedding chapel just for photos, but some have their wedding ceremony at Church of God as well. Rev Chris officiating. Photography by Robert Hamilton.


Church of God

Oahu Photographer

Bridal Dream Hawaii
After the wedding we head over to MAGIC ISLAND for more fun in the sun!

What a Dress!

Shizuo and Tomomi try out their formal wedding attire at Plumeria Chapel.

Bride picked an awesome choice for her Hawaii Wedding Gown. The dress makes a nice circle at the bottom for a gorgeous photo!
Honolulu Formal Gown

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Monday, October 8, 2018

Hawaii Wedding Chapel Yosuke & Miho

Yosuke & Miho
Plumeria Chapel in Honolulu Hawaii, with wedding photography by Oahu Photographer Robert Hamilton.
Photo Props

Honolulu Photo Booths
Photo booths with creative props add a little variety to the photos.
Hawaii Gowns
Stunning shot of Miho in her beautiful wedding dress. Nice choice of attire!
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hawaii Wedding Chapel Shoichi & Mizuki

Honolulu Wedding Chapel
These two may look like models, but they just happen to be a handsome couple shooting wedding photos in Hawaii. Makes the Photographer's job easy.

Also see their SHERWOOD FOREST photos.
Plumeria Chapel

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Handsome Groom

Honolulu Tuxedo

Honolulu Hawaii

Primarrie Church with Tomoya & Aya

Primarrie Church
Here are some of our favorite wedding photos at Primarrie Church in Honolulu.
Honolulu Chapel Weddings

Oahu Wedding Photography

Sweet Smile

Oahu Wedding Venue
A bit of trivia: 
Photographer Robert Hamilton also got married at this same wedding chapel, and began his career in the wedding industry as a Wedding Minister at this very venue.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hawaii Wedding Chapel Bride & Groom

Plumeria Chapel
Nice couple Isamu & Yumi at Plumeria Wedding Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Hawaii Wedding Chapel

Honolulu Weddings

Bridal Dream Hawaii
The Bride seemed to enjoy the Photographer's humor.
That makes the photo shooting time more fun with good smiles too.

Hawaii Wedding Chapel Kentaro & Yukiko

Wedding Limousine
Kentaro and Yukiko are married at Honolulu Church of God by Rev John Fuchigami.
Hawaii Wedding Chapel


Hawaii Wedding Dress
Beautiful wedding dress! What are you wearing to your wedding?
Silk Flower Bouquet

Beautiful Bouquet
How much for that Bride in the window? 

*She's not for sale.