Friday, November 29, 2019

Hawaii Wedding Chapel


Honolulu Hawaii
Beautiful view into the wedding chapel from outside the gorgeous wooden doors. Looks like a dream wedding!
Wedding Rings

Bridal Dream
Exchanging rings is an important part of the wedding ceremony tradition. The ring symbolizes faithfulness. A lifelong monogamous relationship between husband and wife.
Fine shot! Traditional wedding pose.
Wedding Photography

Bride & Groom shades. Nice idea!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bride (and Groom)


Plumeria Chapel
Inside a wedding chapel we enjoy more even lighting than outdoors, and no wind. Great place to show off the Bride's wedding dress without her gown being blown by the wind.
Bridal Bouquet

Formal Attire
The Bride usually gets the most photos, but the Groom deserves his share too!
Japanese Bride

Wedding Attire
A dress with a train looks best in the photos. Easier to manage a formal bridal gown inside a wedding chapel.

Outdoor photos at:

Chapel Wedding Photos


Plumeria Chapel
Lovely scene at Plumeria Chapel in Honolulu Hawaii.
Honolulu Weddings

Wedding Ceremony
Exchanging wedding rings is a nice tradition and an important part of the wedding ceremony. Make sure to bring your wedding rings. If you can't afford gold, silver will do just fine.
Oahu Chapels

Cheerful smile to brighten up our day.
Japanese Girl
Here's a pose we don't see often inside wedding chapels. Looks more like a beach pose.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Honolulu Church Weddings


Hawaii Wedding Chapel
The Church entrance is a great spot for a light-filled photo you can find in few other wedding venues in Honolulu quite like this one.

Be sure to see more stunning images of this couple at Magic Island.

Bridal Dream

Hawaii Weddings
Lifting the Bride's veil. Nice tradition.
Wedding Celebration

Chapel Weddings

Wedding Chapel

Hawaii Wedding Chapel
Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations adorn the Church in November.
Wedding Venue

Dodge Charger
Photographer strategically positions his Dodge Charger for the shot.

Plumeria Chapel Honolulu

Hawaii Weddings
Gorgeous spot for wedding photos in Honolulu. Chapels have the advantage of having no harsh shadows or wind to blow the Bride's dress. Of course, in Hawaii, beach wedding photos are also a must.

Wedding Chapel

Wedding Photos
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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hawaii Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue
Plumeria Chapel has one of the most beautiful doorways on Oahu for wedding photography. Many wedding chapels are often used as a backdrop for wedding photos. You can tie the knot at them as well, of course!

Photo Studio

Photography Background
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Hawaii Weddings
Church of God wedding photos. You can tell it's Thanksgiving time by the sign next to the couple.

After our wedding photo shoot we head down to Magic Island for a beautiful scene.



Oahu Weddings

Dodge Charger
Photographer Robert likes to use his Dodge Charger as a photo prop.